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Shenzhen Quan Touch Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is located in MeiYing (Songbai) Zhihui Innovation Park, Yanluo Street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. With convenient transportation, it is a brand enterprise that has professional experience in R&D and production of capacitive touch screens after 12 years of industry experience. The company focuses on touch display applications, automotive navigation and industrial innovation in the world’s leading technology products. Our team mainly serves precision instrumentation, high-end industrial, medical touch, car navigation, smart home, mobile devices and other electronic products.

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Coloca uma grande ênfase na inovação e engenharia, a fim de criar produtos de hélices de aviões que proporcionam um desempenho máximo para tudo, desde aviões leves até aviões regionais. Entre em contato conosco.

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WhatsApp Online Chat !